Illustration by Golden Cosmos

Jill Lepore looks back on the end of the polio epidemic and how receiving a vaccine became a time stamp for a generation. David Remnick talks with three mayors about the challenges of reopening their cities and the controversial politics of such a decision. And Jia Tolentino talks with the musician Perfume Genius about releasing an album during quarantine.

Jill Lepore on How a Pandemic Ends

A historian recalls the desperate measures taken to protect children from polio in a time no less frightening than our own, and how the disease was then forgotten.

Mayors Describe the Challenge of Safely Ending Lockdown

日本一本一道经典视频David Remnick speaks with three mayors from across the country who describe the controversial politics of reopening.

Anthony Lane on Outbreaks in the Movies

日本一本一道经典视频The film critic shares his picks from an extensive review of plague-themed cinema.

Perfume Genius Talks with Jia Tolentino

日本一本一道经典视频The musician describes releasing an album in quarantine and working his way to the other side of trauma.